Barry Obama is the worst President in the history of America. A phrase we hear over and over but do we really think about what this means. Carter was a bad President but he was just stupid and was void of the big picture. Clinton was a smart man but an immoral pervert who is still idolized by the socialist media and the hollywood elite. Barry is just an evil pawn of Satan. His goal and that of his legions of followers (socialist media, hollywood, ignorant masses who get their marching orders from TV talk shows) is to divide the country and initiate a class war with real killing in the streets. 

Obama hates White people and any Black American who can think for themselves and has achieved success without government help. In fact, if you are black and have not claimed victim status, Barry hates you as well. You see he can’t own you if you can’t be owned. 

We are on the cusp of a real civil war in America and Barry, Pelosi, Reid and the Union bosses could not be happier. They calculate that enough real Americans will be killed and then they can take over the government and finish enslaving those that are left.  Half of America is already, in one way or another, under the thumb of Barry and the socialist legions. If you are a second or third generation ward of the state (unwed with children and no education) and you depend on a government check, Barry owns you already. You probably have never voted for anyone except a socialist because they own you. Angry, you should be. This was by design not an accident. They want you ignorant and pumping out little socialist voters. God bless you, it is probably too late for you.

For those of us who pray for the government to stay closed, we have one chance to save our America before it totally becomes Barry’s Amerika. The 2014 elections are the last chance before the civil unrest begins. Friends, and I include every God fearing, hard working American being raped by Barry’s socialized Amerika, the end is near. I am not a placard carrying kook but your Brother who sees the end of the greatest nation in the world. And I am scared and broken hearted. We have let this happen by our lack of action. We have been too busy working and supporting the second and third generation socialist. We have been too busy running our kids here and there. We have depended on our government to protect us. But while we have been busy being – Barry and the legion of Satan have slowly destroyed our country. We are down to our last out Friends. 

If you have read this entire post you know what I am saying is true, unfortunately too true. Hit your knees my Friends because we are well beyond saving ourselves. Evil has surrounded us  and only God can save our America.



America is currently making Doctor appointments without obama’s socialist medicine!

I love America. If you are a God fearing, 2nd amendment believing, prayer in school, in god we trust currency, freedom of speech American, I love you too. That Friends includes Black, Brown, Red, White and every shade under the rainbow. You are my Brothers and Sisters. That includes Union members of which I have been in my working life and still believe in. That includes (from the past) Southern Democrats. Thank you for reading and joining hands. We may not have many more times to meet like this.

Our America is being destroyed by the socialist who believe in enslaving all of you into their Amerika. That includes your children and grandchildren.

Barry, Harry, Nancy and the Liberal Media have sold their souls to the Devil. And they want to steal your soul and condemn it to hell as well.

Don’t believe for one second that this crap in Washington has anything to do with politics. The socialist (aka democrats) have long ago stopped giving a damm about you as a person. They want your vote so they can control your life and ultimately own your mortal soul. You see, they have half of you now. Whatever stat you believe in indicates that 50% of you are on some type of government aid. This the first step. The more people they can enslave via government aid, the more of you will have to vote to feed your children, if we are going to get down to the simple truth here.

Given that some demographic groups in America are already sold out to the socialist it has only taken a few million who never thought about taking a dime from the government to literally close the deal. Shocked! Yes Brothers and Sisters the socialist media says that half of you side with the socialist. Hell is real my Friends and soon, if we keep going to the left, you will have to realize your fate. Of course Barry, Nancy and Harry know this because, in their heart and minds their god has cloven feet. Laugh if you will. Only a pawn of Satan would sell out the greatest country in the world. We have the greatest free economy, HEALTH CARE, system of government, education system and freedom of religion. This, most of all, must be the worst great American freedom (symbol) that causes the socialist satan worshipers the most disgust. Laugh if you will. But explain to all Americans’ why the socialist will not utter the name of “God”. That unless it is used in a derogatory manner. Nancy almost gags when she is cornered into any conversation that results in her almost speaking the word “God”. Do you want to spend eternity lying next to Pelosi, Reed and Michele. Where is Barry in this scenario? He holds a special post of honor because he has managed the greatest fraud in the history of the world and that is to destroy God’s country. You people sitting in middle America never thought this would happen but look around you. When was the last time you saw a Nativity scene near a government institution. And if you believe the socialist media, 70% of you claim to be Christians. You are either liars or have sold out like the unholy trinity or worst, you just don’t have the time to care. After all watching the pervision that passes for entertainment on television is more important than saving your country.


By now you have either stopped reading another right wing kook or your attention has been diverted because your favorite soft core porn show is on the television. After all the Hollywood elite worship Barry and the socialist legions. But it is funny that they live high on a mountain and have armed guards looking out for their interest. They tell you how to vote and how to think and they support government schools but they send their kids to elite schools and they would have you shot if you tried to get within a hundred yards of their property. They are especially fond of telling you how evil you are for wanting to own your own guns. Satan is shrewed. He gets people like Oprah and other soft peddling tear jerking liberals to tell you how to live and what is right from wrong. And then the sponsors of these propaganda ho-downs sell you soap and under arm deodorant. Enough about the elite socialist media. They are not the enemy because they no longer try to hide their leftist alligence. By the way, ever notice that the same audience is on every socialist talk show. They are paid liberals just like the crowds you see every time Barry or one of his legion hold a press conference.

If you are still with me please note that all is not lost. We can still save this country. That is if the 70% is telling the truth. More to come. One more thing. Have you heard the rumors that there are hoof prints on the carpet in the White House.


Yea, just another right wing kook blathering away like a fiction writer. But Ican only do this because we still live in a free America – today!!!


Do you still think this is about HEALTH CARE? Of course this is the reality you will experience when needing a Doctor for your sick child and Barry, Nancy and Harry have stolen your health care. Imagine holding your dying child while standing behind the unholy trinity in a line begging for help while standing in front of a closed medical facility. Laugh if you will but this is what socialized medicine leads to.